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the Studio

Fully equipped with professional lighting equipment, seating area, work area, coffee bar, drinks and snacks and bathroom.  It is located in the heart of Highland Park, IL near restaurants and local businesses. Walking distance from the Metra Train Station and to Lake Michigan lakefront.

BeautySesssion_Sarah copy.jpg

Sarah F.


" The pictures. I’m literally blown away by them. I genuinely prefer them to my wedding photos. I feel you photographed me in a way that no one else has before... I feel so lucky to have these pictures. I never thought someone would photograph me the way you have or make me look so good. They are something I will treasure forever and I can’t thank you enough for them."


Haddas C.


"Wow, all the pictures look so so pretty."


Tania M.


" Thank you, thank you!! The pictures are  so beautiful!!"

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